Smart phones, Tablets, and Computers with Video Capabilities
A smart phone, tablet or computer with video and webcam functions and an internet connection are needed to use Telemedicine at CMA.

Secure Digital Link
CMA’s telemedicine service provides a secure digital link for patients to have an in-home or off-site medical visit with their health care providers.

Use Your Patient Portal Account
Use your Patient Portal account to make an appointment or call your CMA provider’s office.

High Definition Audio and Video
Telemedicine uses a two-way audio and high-definition video link patients and providers can see each other and discuss a health concern.

Cayuga Medical Associates has implemented telemedicine throughout our multiple healthcare locations. Telemedicine offers you a way to have a visit with your healthcare provider through a video or via a phone call. We know how critical it is to maintain social distancing, and we want you to feel safe while still being able to receive high-quality care from your providers.

Our staff are trained to assess your symptoms and determine the type of visit most appropriate to meet your needs. Our providers are able to provide care virtually to meet almost all of your healthcare needs.

How it works

The scheduling phone call:

  • Click here to fill out our online form or call your doctor’s office to request a visit. Our staff will schedule you for the type of visit that best fits your needs.
  • We will verify all personal and insurance information during this call.
    • Please let the office know if you do not have health insurance.
    • Many health insurance plans are waiving co-pays and co-insurance for telemedicine during the pandemic; if your payer requires payment, you can pay with a credit card over the phone.
  • You have 2 options for setting up the link – a text to your smart phone or an email. No additional app is required.
    1. Link via text message (only with smart phones)
      1. We will ask you for your cell phone number and wireless carrier.
      2. If wireless service carrier is unknown, your email is advised to ensure you have the best connection.
    2. Link through Email
      1. You will provide your email address and the office staff will send you an email with the connection link.
  • We will ask if you have camera and audio capability on the device we are sending the link to.
    • You will need to check that these are in working order prior to the visit.
    • Our staff have additional information to help you trouble shoot through this.
  • We will also confirm that you are active on our Patient Portal. If not, we can provide you with your access code so you can set that up.

The video visit:

  • At your appointment time, click on the link. This will connect you to your provider.
  • You will see a “Waiting for Provider to Connect” screen until the provider has connected. If your
    provider is running behind, staff will notify you.
  • Once connected, you and your provider will have a conversation just as if you were in the office, except you will be in the comfort of your own home. With your cell phone or computer, you and your provider will be able to evaluate many things, including joint problems, neurologic complaints, respiratory symptoms, some skin issues, and other problems.

After the visit:

  • At the end of your visit, your provider will send follow-up instructions to the CMA support team, just as they do if you are checking out after an office visit.
  • The support team will then contact you, either by phone or through the portal, regarding any instructions from your provider, any tests your provider ordered, any referrals, and the date of your next appointment.
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