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It is very important to us that we create a work environment where everyone feels welcomed, comfortable, valued for what they bring to the organization, recognized for their contributions, and empowered to provide the highest quality care. It goes beyond salary and benefits. We work hard to develop an environment and culture that attracts top-quality talent. That is what sets Cayuga Medical Associates apart.

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What We Offer

How We Work

Career Development


We provide a comprehensive onboarding program for both experienced nurses and recent nursing graduates. At Cayuga Medical Associates, our team of leaders and preceptors will teach you everything you need to know about your chosen specialty. Whether you are a recent graduate, switching specialties, or looking for a new home to exercise your current expertise, we will use our resources and tools to help make a customized onboarding plan to ensure you make a successful transition.

What We Offer

  • Flexible Scheduling

    We will work with you to make sure you get the work/life balance you require.
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  • Nurse Residency and Transition to Practice Programs

    Our program is dedicated to supporting the transition of new-to-practice nurses to membership in our collaborative healthcare team through the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes to improve the health of patients, families and our community.

  • Competitive Packages

    We offer a very competitive compensation and benefits package, including liberal paid time-off, sign-on bonuses, employer contributions to 403b, tuition discounts, full benefits package for anyone who works over 18 hours per week, and affiliations with local wellness centers (Island Health & Fitness, YMCA).

  • Continuing Education

    Tuition reimbursement is available for career-related education.

  • Advancement Opportunities

    We have a solid track record of providing opportunities for career growth and promotion within the organization.

  • Nurse to Patient Ratio

    We offer some of the best nurse to patient ratios. This creates a safer environment and provides a more positive experience for patients and nurses.

How We Work

At Cayuga Medical Associates, we believe in supporting and valuing each and every team member. Our Professional Practice Model supports this. This framework serves as a guide for defining, overseeing, and evaluating professional nursing practice to ensure and support the advancement of the nursing and patient services team. The Professional Practice Model, also referred to as our practice framework, represents the nursing and patient services providers professional identity through various components that describe how our team practices, collaborates, communicates, and develops professionally to provide patient-centered care of the highest quality.

Ongoing Career Development

By the nature of the profession, nursing and patient services care providers are committed to lifelong learning. By offering high-impact programs with a reduced time commitment, Cayuga Health provides critical training and development for our nursing and patient services team, without compromising the time needed to do their jobs effectively.

Advancing your Nursing and Patient Services Career at Cayuga Health:

The Clinical Ladder program offers direct patient care providers a variety of development opportunities and allows NPS team members to build a customized career portfolio based on their interests. The purpose of the program is to promote career development and raise the bar of professional excellence among clinical team members while also providing recognition and advancement opportunities.

This program outlines flexible criteria for demonstration of excellence within domains of Cayuga Health’s professional practice model.

Shared Leadership

Shared Leadership is an interprofessional, collaborative governance structure where members share in decision-making that impacts professional practice and the work environment. Cayuga Health’s Shared Leadership structure includes councils at the system, hospitals, and unit levels. These councils play a vital role in ensuring the nurses and interprofessional collaborative partners have an active role in making decisions that impact professional practice. Through shared leadership, members are responsible and accountable for defining, implementing, and evaluating professional practice. The structure of shared leadership is part of the leadership component of our Professional Practice model, where team members share decisions that affect their practice.

In observance of Memorial Day our clinics and offices will be closed on Monday, May 29th.

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